Style: Procedural Abstract Neo Expressionism Pop Surrealism, with a dash of Futurism and Modernism, no Fauvism. As a conceptual contextual and not much more...to be continued

Currently residing where ever I please. 

Want the full story? I'll show you some pictures..

Lived in a boat, a car, and in a tent. Performed stand up comedy at Hollywood Improv, The Comedy Store, and Punchline San Francisco. Built media campaigns for Nike, Vonage, and Nintendo. Now, an artist. Got let into places, then kicked out of those places, then snuck into some places, then stayed into those places, was robotic, was orgainic, pasturized and pressurized. blew some art loads. Just joking.

Open to hear all opportunities, use the below link to connect:

Current Exhibit:
The Bean 147 1st Avenue Manhattan, New York - May 2017 - Present

200 Culver Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90293

Past Exhibitions
Reed Opera House: Salem Oregon June 2017 - September 2017

Allan Bros. Coffee: April 2017 -Solo- Salem, Oregon

Landmark Dispensary: January 2016 -Solo- Pasadena, California

Ascend Dispensary - November 2015 -Group- Portland, Oregon

Elsie's Tavern: January 2015 -Solo- Santa Barbara, California

506 State Street: November 2014 -Dual- Santa Barbara, California

Specific Locations Undisclosed:



Undisclosed Locations:


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