Exhibitions - Pictures Below

Upcoming and Current (Inquire to Participate)

Current Exhibitions:
The Bean 147 1st Avenue Manhattan, New York : May 2017 - Present

Tanner’s Co. 200 Culver Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90293 : January 2018 - Present

CityStay Hostel, Sibiu Romania : December 2018 - Present

Past Exhibitions
Reed Opera House: June 2017 - Group- Salem Oregon

Allan Bros. Coffee: April 2017 -Solo- Salem, Oregon

Landmark Dispensary: January 2016 -Solo- Pasadena, California

Ascend Dispensary - November 2015 -Group- Portland, Oregon

Elsie's Tavern: January 2015 -Solo- Santa Barbara, California

506 State Street: November 2014 -Dual- Santa Barbara, California

Pop-up Shows:

BrokeLA 2018
Some poetry jam 2018

About: 👨‍🎨

Born in Romania in 1985 (thank god it wasn’t 1984), has began created digital art since the 90’s (Nirvana rocks Pearl Jam sucks).

Lived in a boat, in a car, in hostels, in a house, in a condo, in an apartment, on the streets, in tents, and at friends places.

Infatuated with technology, entheogens, and women (in no particular order, but in that order).

Lots of other stuff. Bachelors of Arts Degree in New Media Communications. Jails (never prisons), Psychiatric Hospitals (never insane asylums), and Advertising Agencies (never marketing firms).

Divorced, and will most likely divorce again if given the chance. 39 girlfriends and 237 almost girlfriends and 1,342 friends who are girls.

Stand up comedian, no one got the jokes though.

Currently a devote illiterate practictionare, take your synonoms and syllables and stick em up a stick.

Act now, buy my art :) :) :).

I am a professional artist. everything else I’m like super semi - professional

Over 32,532 photos on Google Photos Cloud HyperLink Drive for a quick point of reference.

Oh yeah what else? too much again. I should make a wiki or something. Oh yeah I’ll also link my youtube channel soon, should probably do that soon.