An expose on the current contemporary art scene

All art is beautiful to some. Oh look at the pretty flowers, the colors, that one looks ugly. Although, to the educated it's just horribly ugly. How horrible and how ugly that last piece of artwork I saw.


But the style, the technique, the time, the feeling, the thought provoking conversations we'll have because we were exposed, how indecent. There are the critics, they must be the guides, they are the gate keepers, still, and always. The curators, more so, but what bout the galleries and dealers? Or the theives, maybe those whom stole our artwork know the true value. Keep it. It's worth more than you'll ever know. Congratulaions to that one thief, only I'll know what piece you stole. The rest will be bought.

Okay okay, modern art. It's soooooo contemporary.

By which artist? oh you haven't heard of them, this is for those.

I don't know anymore.

Let me do some research.

Google top artists? Look at the street art? Who prices these pieces. Your mother? Your father? Your Sibling? Your Friends? Strangers? No one? Maybe a thief. I'm still broke throughly though.

What about copyrights and trademarks, we learned to share though. How come?

Okay okay okay, off track here.

Modern Contemporary.

The new avante garde movement is televised and heard on the radio... wait maybe that was the internet?

Okay Okay okay. We're getting carried away. Popsurrealism, just a derivative of surrealism, how about macabre? just a joke on the drama. How about lowbrow? you mean slef thought? No I mean those that thought us through experience. Is the best teacher? No, it's the worst, because my experience is so worth it?

Okay my favorite art style: Disney.

There you have it.... no not pixar, bambi disney. Also spirited away. Because who's the bad girl? and the good guy? It's nebulous.

But anime and motion too. And live action , and food. No we are talking about sill art, tha'ts animation.

Stillnes in a world in motion, is something for the imagination to move.

24fps is better than because we then imagine.

Choose your style in art, original art, of any kind is 1/1. Imagine that, owning a 1/1 edition, no one else has that...

Maybe the new contemporary is 1/1.

Contemporary is 1/1.



then we play with rest because contemporary is exposure from all.

My opinion, prove me wrong with numbers and data.