Indescent obscenties

If the law tells us anything, we are obscene and so indecent. Based on the jurors, we are guilty in their eyes. Oh please oh please prove me innocent, because my worth is worth ... 

Expose the eyes, expose the skin, expose yourself, tell the truth, how indecent. To disturb in a time when interesting notes are being jotted down. 

But, we must follow precedence, and represent yourself. Don't trust anyone else, we are all out to lie to you. Trust in the law. the law of the land. Because look, a new law.

This is not art. This is a poem. New age freedom. Lie Lie Lie, but make sure to always tell the truth because otherwise people won't trust you, and if they don't trust you, then what? I won't tell.

You want my point of view? Okay, it's mediocre, so placid, ask the last female I was with, she spit on it, oh the look the last two gave us. Not mention the first, so disgusting.

The next will always pretty much never though be as good as the last will be the best.  Who's the best again? Not me.

I produce.