When reality was there

I guess dreams are secrets, an #artform with a #director.


Would rather write a story about lockers and boxes and tassels being unloaded. We sure did take our time, that one day, the door rang, and kept on ringing, was supposed to wake up, wasn't supposed to open the door and see the other person with my other person in the room now both persons saw each other, at least we took our time answering the door. Then we should have never answered, being rude I suppose is better than being kind in many unique situations. A rudeness or a snuff may is just a no, a nice is just a yes, both can be faked I suppose. 

Anyways then more other people showed up to un pack and un load. They were trying to go fast. What for? only lucifer herself knows. Me? I took my time. Why? only the 76th dimensional god knows. Back to these? Oh well, basic, oblivion and existence.

Soul #confirmed, definition up in the air.

Why not write about art? .... I am.