Augmented reality, space real estate, and consensus

Sure, some questions first.

1. How many augmented realities will there be? And whom will be part of which?   Can we all be part of the same augmented reality?

2. If we're all part of one large AR platform will there be real estate on the ether space? 

3. Will creators of AR objects, visualizers, art, some new idea receive revenue from viewers? 

4. How about graffiti AR? 

5. Or a real time hacker hijacks your visualizers with slight tweaks to manipulate?

6. Addiction concerns? 

6.1 boredom concerns

7.  It's too late to not only stop, but slow down.

Seems like with AR the real time creators shall now be the highest sought after commodity. Leaving behind concepts, streaks, lines, etc.

I have about 1,234,566,6,677 more questions, and only a handful of answers.