Fauvism - Bold colors for a bold wolrd

A few colors layered on the for front, back front, and every front imaginable. Blotches of large sections to smaller dashes and strokes of the wrist exaggerated with impression to the viewer an emotion only imaginable by the artist.  Portraits, landscapes, scenes, in detail and obstruction thereof exist. Sometimes there's a primary, secondary, or tertiary colour which stands out and many others there is equal vibrancy in equality. Search #fauvism .

Adds a nice juxtaposition to realism and expressionism in combination of both as well. 

One rule does apply to fauvism. BOLD COLORS, pastels need not apply to the for front, perhaps to accentuate the brightness, even then, pastels are added with permission.

My favorite fauvism types or scenes, in this order, are Landscape, Cityscape, Portrait, and then slice of life, and then person of interest.

Next up, collaboration on definitions.