Film over Digital - A better opinion of preferances

Film is better than digital.

1. 24 frames per second allows the imagination to work and fill in the gaps since our eyes view in 60 fps.

2. Film captures images on a physical medium which allows other esoteric factors to play into this dimension.

3. More hands touch film and thus transferring any of their energy onto the physical product.

Now, why digital may be more better for some:

1. They don't want to imagine
2. Saves material (this may be questionable since new digital products still require manufacturing)
3. Silky smooth, with no grains
4. Editing and transferring is simpler

Live action this is possible for, however 3d animation shall always (unless a new invention is made, dun dun dun) be digital.

Just my opinion. I can expand on this tremendously. Like colors, lights, shadows, screen capture, sound, atmosphere, well, everything, but the above are my top points for now.