art certificate

Web 3.0 artist

I currently have 3 major art projects congruently working alongside each other 

Links need to be updated and created. 

New social media protocols  

Seems as if each day a new variable completely changes the Dynamics of existing process.  

Being procedural in these days will always outperform process. Hello new world again. 

Current project: 

Neon Synth Glitch demons

Classic Named

First to offer

Along with with all the marketing. 

Stay tuned. 

Blockchain, Art, and transactions

Life is all about transactions. Kind of my new philosophy, however that’s as basic as it gets, then from there build up from the foundation.

Blockchains have brought an entire new level of accountability, transparency, and at the same time anonymity to those who wish to still keep it. It’s actually the best form of validated transactions to date with all entities involoved having some form of power and control.

Plenty of short videos on block chain technology. It’s quite simple with plenty of complexities to show the true significance.

For the art world, which I’m most interested in, it will set an unprecedented spiral upward where we have not seen this type of recognition . . . ever. Basically, our third party is the machine, completely devoid of all emotions, simply seeking to create the best transaction possibility for all parties involved (itself, us, earth, existence, progress) and as soon as possible too. At this point.

Digital certificates are the future, well now the present. When someone buys a piece of artwork and it doesn’t come with history of transactions threw any of the blockchains, that person should be extremely warry, of why? Unless, that person is buying the art directly from the artist, even then though, there must be multiple layers of proof.

Blockchain transaction proofs will be the new artist signature.