art selling

Selling of art

All the numbers point to profit. Anecdotally there was one famous city, which worships artists. That city only briefly exists in this reality in many places and in many forms. Like some worship cats, like some worship god, like some worship cows, like some worship presidents, like some worship priests, like some worship comedians, like some worship vegans, like some worship enthogens, like some worship warships. Like some that don’t worship.

In this reality though, more and more keep on purchasing the most expensive works of art. Perhaps my price is too low. Maybe I’ll increase with the new posts.

I’m sorry burning my first original pieces. Not sorry for anyone except for myself. Because it would be nice to take one more look at them. Sure I have a digital version of them, in high quality DPI. Oh well, move one.

Now I’m not sorry because because of that burning of my own work, I was able to be where I’m at now, and have the art style I like the most. It’s not scary, because truth isn’t scary, only those that we tell the truth is it scary for.

Selling art shouldn’t be scary.

Selling art should be fun. Allowing those who want to own a piece of our written history, in our own language, to read (aka emote) for a time of passing along time with our favorite pieces. Like that one book I owned which no longer exists. I’m glad I read it.

I’m glad I saw some artwork which no longer exists.

Perhaps that’s the best gift of all, being a few who only got to experience once.

Perhaps that’s also another gift, is to continue to experience what is allowed for all.

Perhaps that’s the best gift of all.

Selling of art.