Art is not everywhere

The idea that art is everywhere is ridiculous. It’s like saying science is everywhere, math is everywhere, nature is everywhere, oceans are everywhere, lakes are everywhere, mountains are everywhere, huts are everywhere, apples grow everywhere, snakes live everywhere, etc is everywhere, etc. etc. etc.

Art, maybe everywhere, in theory, however there are hierarchies of art and quality and standards and tastes. Appreciators, collectors, connoisseurs of the form which is art whom have devoted their life to art are the ones whom in reality understand what art is. These people have spent nearly every second of their life focusing on “fine art” when they first were introduced to it. Sure we all pick a niche of art, and then apply ourselves towards that study of art, which makes us more appreciative of other niches of art.

A farm raised chicken, with plenty of land to roam around, fed properly, cared for with an attention of the livestock owner, whom has done this all their life, sometimes can only be appreciated by an outside observer, through time. They enjoy this appreciation. Many times the money doesn’t matter, only the type of people whom are exposed to their art form. I added a an allegory (not sure if that’s the correct word).

Maybe follow me this thought synapse train.

Sure art is in the eye of the beholder. A great comedian I used to be aligned with (mitch hedberg) at the time said my favorite quote “you must find your audience.” He played at bars, run down avenues, clubs, venues, houses, back yards, etc. where people just didn’t understand him. Then he found his audience and they helped him find his voice. Jim Carey as well. A great comedian and artist, whom now found his passion in politics. Great man. Time changes many people, still a great actor from what I understand about the reviews of his last special. For him he uses art to say something about the current culture he is intertwined with.

I’d rather have my art not really say anything, only draw because I like to draw.

Art is not everywhere and not everyone is an artist. I’m not an architect, i’m not a dentist, i’m not a doctor, i’m not a father, i’m not a mother (one of those things maybe I can be in the future). Art is not everywhere like children are not everywhere and like elderly are not everywhere.

Art is in some places, and each place has it’s own unique art. Uniqueness itself is not art. Perhaps art is something that is so specific it has no definition.

Or perhaps art is simply art.

What is art to me? Time, perseverance, study, practice, application, adaption, appreciation, and perhaps when someone whom has been in the artworld for over 30 years of their life says “Stefan, your a true artist :)” and at the time you don’t realize what they mean however you thank them for the kind words anyways.

I have had a few friends whom are true artists. Would rather not name names though :).

Art is not everywhere. Art is in a few special places.

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Slimy, smooth, oozing, with smiles and the sharpest teeth sparkling white glistening with goo. It bit me, so i fucking bit back, then we all started biting, then our guardian came in and said no biting so we bit her too!


The skin was more of a jelly wish feel that didn't sting, then new contouring ligaments would enter the existence from the the thing, I'll name it Seventiescha' , not quite reminicent of the 60's but more of the movies from the sci fi before the 80's era. Quite specific. But then I was all oozed up and couldn't be grabbed onto, then we built a house. Bought some sheep, chickens, and legumes. The farm house. Our friends were there too, family had their own business to take care of. Then seventies84 started a business. I was surprised. Not really though, had my own agendas to take care of.

Scene went to black long ago, and into a new dimension dream, like a rising sun 13th century mansion, in one room. Then we escaped, had to swim throw lots of water, whatever. end of post.

Artwork, work work work WC3

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# need to keep constant, and consistently constant with the market

There are a few art fairs coming up, have you seen the schedule? They are beautiful schedules and talks not televised. #Unique

Sometimes even before the weekends, artwork needs a break, although it never has a break. Art is art. And work is artwork. Even in fun, marry poppins supercalifrajalistickespialgoschious .

Artwork Authenticity

Classic artwork is signed by a signature.

Contemporary artwork is signed with a data stamp from a picture, posted online, sent through phone, any digital stamp.

A certificate of authenticity may also ease the mind of buyers, perhaps a print out of a screenshot of the data from a picture. Pictures now capture time, date, location, and any other info within the digital footprint.

For a contemporary art collector a first image taken of the artwork is almost, no IS MORE IMPORTANT, than the date and signature of the painting.

A signature on the actual image, in my personal opinion, defiles the work. Sorry, in the modern and classical, and post war, and Renaissance, and classical, and pre-historical eras a signature may have been necessary, 

More down the rabbit whole, rabbit hole (spell check please, okay),  if an art piece has the ability to be replicated by hand or by a printer, it's not original. some lines and brush strokes are just impossible to duplicate. Come very close, yes, Thats why so many prints are in museums and the real things are stored away, just joking, they are the real things. If us feelers can feel them, they are real, Now come in the feelers of art, yup, we exist. NOT SORRY. We can feel

The eye can see, we can feel authenticity, yum, hmmmmm. And we can also fake the authenticity if necessary.

Feel candy.

I get off track again, it's okay, not buddy boy, sorry, friend, that's better. Call me a buddy is acalling you a bitch, FUCK YOU GO TO HELL and fuck someonelse. Sorry, I get off track. 

Buy authentic artwork, buy prints, because even prints are authentic, buy limited edition, buy unlimited quantities, buy online (there are data tracks) buy in person the eyes can tell, the feelers can exist (to avante garude, the feelers can feel, too basic) whatever.

Now, what sites, what person, what venue, and gallery, what fair, where do we buy from. Cliche, let the heart lead you, not let me tell you. Buy my friends artwork, and my enemeis, but don't buy mine.

My artwork is all reproduced. Self promotion time, yaya :) :) :) :).

So, to summarize my intro. authenticity counts for nothing. Buy one fake piece of artwork, and is it worth more if there is one duplicate and one fake and one original? where did the fake come from? Earth, LOL, yeah earth.

Anywho, any how, summirize, I want to  write a story instead of a guide on how to buy stuff which is already bought, now how to resell a bought item, well thats the tricky part, how to part with it? Do we burn it, no, that's sad, unless a digital print exists, and your spiritual, I'd rather tear a piece up and throw in the dirt to decompose, yet a burn of artwork will take the carbons into the eather, other principials, then it wont be shared anymore. Originals were shared to a few, now how many artisits originals are gone forever?

how many artists originals are gone forever?


Baroque Art - A style of controlled chaos

Scenes on the canvas or paper or surface come out to life with vibrant movement and motion while still being a still image. Very few art styles encompass this expression of life in time exaggerated in such confined spaces. Details and obstructions are plenty to feast your eyes upon, sure there are many redundant baroque scenes and after seeing a few one becomes almost bored, until they find that one section that reflects a portion of either their life or one they have witnessed in their time from another. This is what I call a style of controlled chaos from a distance.... now to have controlled chaos in a portrait, well that's something completely detailed in another way (sorry, not sorry, self plug for my own artwork hehehhehe).

Plenty of the info is available on the wikipedia page:

Here are some details to get you going:

-there's lots of stuff going on
-Slice of life

  Within the Baroque scene there are varied pieces, I prefer the ones in a wide shot that shows many parts of a terrain, multiple events, and varied influences by the subjects of the artwork.

My life is funny like this, after looking at a few baroque paintings, I'm already bored of it, I'm sure I'll come back to it. My new favorite is Fauvism, oooooooh the colors and solid strokes, so pure, sorry baroque, my emotions move with the audience.