artwork for walls

Art for Walls

A bare wall in a home is like a naked man or a fully dressed women, sunglasses to no heels. Not quite tasteful, not quite tasteful at all.

Stepping into a home and seeing a persons or familys first art choice makes a bold statement. Even if you don't ever have guests over. The first sight into a door should be a welcoming place, where you feel like yourself, express yourself to yourself. Or express yourself to others by expressing your tastes. #SHARE , we learned how to show and tell, then for whatever reason that practice finished. Sure we show and tell some times, mostly to our close acquaintances, every now and then open up to new people. Let art handle the first level of expression

Now for an office, law firm, advertising agency, construction work site, engineering office, architect firm, landscape, why not let the employees show of their tastes? If they want to... NO make it manditory (just joking, hehehe). Any who many people need constant stimulation to be productive, and still life imagination stimulation is the best. No windows? no problem, blamo put up a jackson pollock, take that window. Or better yet an eichelberg or ken wonders, or an expressionism piece, or a baroque, don't know artists names? No worries, just search, lots of products out there. 

Many local cafe's choose artwork all around, ask them.

Purchase on amazon, ebay, artsy, saatchi etc.

The best is having a personal collection, 

Sure augmented reality will most likely replace the idea of owning an original piece (or probably just make them more valuable, how valuable? exponentitially, there are articles out there read them, i may talk about investment in art sooner or later).

Home, work, office, car, we all like to express. 

Artists like to create, don't take advantage of this fact too much. Because there was a time when we stopped creating and just destroyed, And we didn't like it, necessary, for sure, the unwritten history of the ages.

I haven't started to talk about how the AI is now addicted to certain works of art. Off tangent.

Decorate your wall space, rotate the pieces, or find the perfect spot for them. It's art, and you bought it, and it's yours.