A tornado of art

Torando of art, swept the conference room, large, with places for audiences and creators and combiners, I got a large piece of paper and three to four blue hues of color crayons. Was taken out of the dream before I could create. First I asked for a paper, wasn't responded to so I moved on, and found a large piece to create on. Before the tornado hit We were supposed to meet with a very iportant person, I just wanted to see what was going on in the lecture, and it was art, the dream world loves the art! Then just combines it. Had a phone, communication device, didn't work the way I liked it so It got losted. Was a dual screen, also didn't enjoy cooporation, no cooporation no honey bunny sweet cutie pie of marshmallow pie apple crust, burnt, obviousyl, to taste the crunch.

Before that event, i was with the other homies, hombre,s comradeds, comprades, friends, males, they tried to get me in trouble again, they always try to get me into trouble, named me by my name too, how atrocies, it was aokay though, we were only involved in some dream stuff, wasn't shit, was platinum malkovite, lots of plans made.

Before that, many more dreams, didn't write them down, not my job, sharing is also must get paid to get an idea of many dream realities.

Sure I can take the time to think my dreams through, although I'm in shock, anxiety, fear, and loathing, as the great novel of johnny deep portratied ins the movie. 

Maybe if I ever once felt safe, sorta a lie, I feel safe 0.001% of the time. Maybe then we can allow once our's feel secure. Only a sentence yet much more.

Thanks for making him feel safe 0.001% of the time i guess.

Latest #sentientbeing experience #alienest

Slimy, smooth, oozing, with smiles and the sharpest teeth sparkling white glistening with goo. It bit me, so i fucking bit back, then we all started biting, then our guardian came in and said no biting so we bit her too!


The skin was more of a jelly wish feel that didn't sting, then new contouring ligaments would enter the existence from the the thing, I'll name it Seventiescha' , not quite reminicent of the 60's but more of the movies from the sci fi before the 80's era. Quite specific. But then I was all oozed up and couldn't be grabbed onto, then we built a house. Bought some sheep, chickens, and legumes. The farm house. Our friends were there too, family had their own business to take care of. Then seventies84 started a business. I was surprised. Not really though, had my own agendas to take care of.

Scene went to black long ago, and into a new dimension dream, like a rising sun 13th century mansion, in one room. Then we escaped, had to swim throw lots of water, whatever. end of post.