emerging artist

Parts of our personality

I try to hard to not hurt peoples feelings yet I have yet to consider that when I make someone happy, it may be hurting someone else’s feeling indirectly. I guess there is a direct and indirect method to life. We can’t control or really influence the indirect, the passerby or the observer who wonders, why not me? All we can is act in our own manner and move forward.

As an artist, especially in my style I found that I’m much more feminine than masculine even though I’m a pretty bad ass dude, if I do say so myself (or ourselves, many personalities over here).

We really can’t learn from ourselves too much, we learn from each other, that is why we are here. However everyone has an opinion and something to teach, many contradictory to each other, that is where the ego comes into play. To choose is to live. Friends, Family, Strangers, Teachers, Animals, plants, internet, comments, all are some sort of guide. Is there a hierarchy to whom to listen too? No, not typically, each situation is different. Sometimes the hierarchy structure rules out sometimes the node based structure wins out. I’ve succeeded and failed at both. What’s interesting now is that I’ve learned how to work within both. Not really mastered, but learned.

Somehow I got into the notion of saying I, maybe it’s my culture. Are there cultures that use we instead of I?

Through my art I know I primarily like curved lines with rounded soft edges to them, roughly 87% of my artwork. Then there is the other 13% which simply draws straight edged lines. I do not think I could become an architect in the mainstream world, the world is very square, houses square, buildings square, it’s true we live in a boxed world. Nomads on the other hand seem to have more circular living habitats. Simply an observation.

What I’ve learned these few months. People aren’t too different from each other, they all want something special, be special, be welcomed, be inclusive while also exclusive. And from there it’s simply a % of each of those facets. Plus more. There are Vegan people, funny people, serious people, blah blah blah, what does this have to do with art?


I believe only art can tell a person true character. Some dare not even pick up a utensil and draw and would rather learn from the experience of another artist through their work. The entertainers and the observers. Roles get switch, artists love to be entertained, it’s their favorite past time.

I truly believe this. Artists love to be entertained. If an artist does not love to be entertained then I do not understand why they create something to entertain someone else. Their thoughts, feelings, insights, emotions, character, opinion, and so on. This is dangerous.

This is dangerous, I’ve come across many people who would rather become aggressive and violent physically. I still voice my expressions although now in a much more “ calm “ manner where if a person is non understanding well they really don’t exist in my world. If they don’t choose to understand then I choose not acknowledge them. We are not all equal, although that is the cool new thing and will be for a while. We are unique and have our talents. And I choose to show my talents to those whom recipricate their talents.

Chose to show my talents to those whom reciprocate theirs.

There may be more types of art movements and styles in the world than any other profession. Now it seems with the digital age we are starting to show these visions and begin to gain a fundamental monetary compensation for our works.

. . . but we are competitive creatures. . . or simply looking to align with others whom are more like us.

The digital age and age of cameras and soon 24/7 monitoring and complete exposure of all info will change life forever. Anyone now can go online, pay a few euros/dollars/rubles/lei/dinari/ etc and get a full report on someone. If that can be paid for, then it could be made free. Maybe the hackers are simply waiting to release all the data, or maybe there is simply to much, and people are more concerned about being entertained than informed.

And can someone even be informed anymore in this day and age? There almost is no accountability. Democracy was a nice phase in history. It was made before the technological revolution. We are like dinasours working in an extinct system with magical instruments for instaneous sharing. yeah yeah spell check.