Baroque Art - A style of controlled chaos

Scenes on the canvas or paper or surface come out to life with vibrant movement and motion while still being a still image. Very few art styles encompass this expression of life in time exaggerated in such confined spaces. Details and obstructions are plenty to feast your eyes upon, sure there are many redundant baroque scenes and after seeing a few one becomes almost bored, until they find that one section that reflects a portion of either their life or one they have witnessed in their time from another. This is what I call a style of controlled chaos from a distance.... now to have controlled chaos in a portrait, well that's something completely detailed in another way (sorry, not sorry, self plug for my own artwork hehehhehe).

Plenty of the info is available on the wikipedia page:

Here are some details to get you going:

-there's lots of stuff going on
-Slice of life

  Within the Baroque scene there are varied pieces, I prefer the ones in a wide shot that shows many parts of a terrain, multiple events, and varied influences by the subjects of the artwork.

My life is funny like this, after looking at a few baroque paintings, I'm already bored of it, I'm sure I'll come back to it. My new favorite is Fauvism, oooooooh the colors and solid strokes, so pure, sorry baroque, my emotions move with the audience.