Third Dimensional, manner of matter with the physics

Lots of words, more new ones to be made (oh, ah, eh), venacular, and vocabular.

Then the vidion, (vision) creatures who feel too, and see, and smell. What about those that don't as much, are they retarted? Yes, retarted, to the max, to the max of the retardeation.

Daredevil, smoke and screen.

Art is made since the creation of begininon, of music. There are new trailers, new movies, an old movie does not exist, because it's gone, probably not in our existence, those that saw, witnessed, but now we have new movies, with a new circle, a new paranthesis, gone, witnessed, now a treat for those who saw, or felth, on felt paper. A fabric to be sustained. Not manipulated, however, abbreviated, to a new outcome, to an old situation, that comes in, just be read, be well versed, yes there is no getting ready for the new, only okay, this is what we do. A poet.

A poetry, of a poem, of an art, to be spliced together, edited, by the director, in the green room, you're up buddy buy,  okay put me in coach, okay, just follow the rules? what? okay, just a competition with rules. A reality with existence.

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Sometimes the editors just wait their turn, lots of editors, lots of directors, lots of actors, lots of realities, so hard to believe, if there is one there must be two, otherwise oblivion? With motion why not stillness? too many questions, with much more answers for each observer, to observer, and comment. Search youtube comments, search twitter, a comment is an accpetence of the self, a situation will arrise, you oh you bet your sweet pippy it will. Without a situation, there is no outcome. othwersie, that's right, spellcheck.

Entities, the gods, of spiritual , material, all the sudden, no more . NO MORE they say, yeah right i say. They agree, and i go , I go fast, slow, maticulasuse, mallasus, sap. then blitzkriegh style of the bubblies, open up the beer, open up the champaigne, open up the lighter to light up the cig of the green, of the pebbles of the crystals, Fumes of the perfect temperatute. No words to describe the pixels the pixels, they come they stay, they don't go. oh, the circular, always spins. Kicked out, not welcomed, always come by on your own time. It's okay. Yeah right. Yeah right, i won't ever be back, no handle your own. Sorry, not too much, you've done enough.

New movie with the same history.

Old lyrics, new song, new future, based on the words of the old. the lines, the looks, the sleep. Wake up, wake them up, it's too late, too late for this verbinance. vibratin, sorry, sure.Who says sorry. No one. we'll move one, stay sorry, stay happy, stay between, the reading of the lines. Poetry.

Poet. Artist. Creation of the destoryer. If oblivion existed, we wouldn't. Oblivion is a fallacy. Period,

Pleasure to some has alwas been pain. Give them pleasure, give them more pleasure, they an't handle our pleasure. So much pleasure to the twinky winky dinky trinky blinky crinky linky bitlinky to the make the url short code. Lots of competition, to the self, of the the click click, cliack clack, eat a snake sausege, youm rough and course, give me a skunk meat taste. Apples are so patte' passe.

A career dude, not emough muscle to be a buddy man boy. No no take your time, theres lots of stars, one earth, the stars move, sure the earth is circular, look at the moon, and see four creascents, sometimes 27. 27 !!!!?????!!!??? that's some number question. sure is.

A new line of the circle, shows up, prove me i backspaced this entier article and rewrote it to make it sound intelligent. Prove me I'm right.

Don't worry about the after ever, make this one an example of what's possible. Let the ever after then decide after the ever. Poetry, such a poet. Budum dum.

The circle never shows up to anyone. Lucky. Thanks. It's a beautiful ring, quite abstract. I wish I could explain. We'll explain for you misour mr. dude. Thanks but I'm a man. heheheh, nice smile, mir dude man. Perfctly executed, now take my hand.

Wash with soap, and shampoo, and conditioner, and rinse twice, and use 9 paper towels, and then a blow dryer, and then spine  thrice, and spit on your hands, and then rinse. Oka now clean hands. Just joking, /jk .Too much hahah's? no, not enough, we can't breath, give us a second, to laugh it all out, ... we mean laugh it in. okay outside is like the colder inside, without ac until the outside is cold and the inside ahs a heater. then the outside is outside and the inside needs ac. A person of humans. Lots of them.

We don't even want to start divulging aobut the buppy dogs and citty kats. Thsoe city kats are alll like we to metropolitan, and the woofs woof are like I just bark at stuff I like and don't like. It's just a bark to us you bubby dog, the cats meow, both understood, because we know.

Now to type in the 275 dimeinos of dreams adkwl; uekjqpukl. too mcuh. mucho much. asedproiuaspdoriu , asfejqiasneiqopasvnio;slur, lku, lun, liu,lku,lku,.jkdljfioqennnrnennensklzludkrj....kjla.kdlajk.aklsjd. orchestra symphoany, to the ryhymtm just gave it away, the cumputer knows.

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