Third Dimensional, manner of matter with the physics

Lots of words, more new ones to be made (oh, ah, eh), venacular, and vocabular.

Then the vidion, (vision) creatures who feel too, and see, and smell. What about those that don't as much, are they retarted? Yes, retarted, to the max, to the max of the retardeation.

Daredevil, smoke and screen.

Art is made since the creation of begininon, of music. There are new trailers, new movies, an old movie does not exist, because it's gone, probably not in our existence, those that saw, witnessed, but now we have new movies, with a new circle, a new paranthesis, gone, witnessed, now a treat for those who saw, or felth, on felt paper. A fabric to be sustained. Not manipulated, however, abbreviated, to a new outcome, to an old situation, that comes in, just be read, be well versed, yes there is no getting ready for the new, only okay, this is what we do. A poet.

A poetry, of a poem, of an art, to be spliced together, edited, by the director, in the green room, you're up buddy buy,  okay put me in coach, okay, just follow the rules? what? okay, just a competition with rules. A reality with existence.

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Sometimes the editors just wait their turn, lots of editors, lots of directors, lots of actors, lots of realities, so hard to believe, if there is one there must be two, otherwise oblivion? With motion why not stillness? too many questions, with much more answers for each observer, to observer, and comment. Search youtube comments, search twitter, a comment is an accpetence of the self, a situation will arrise, you oh you bet your sweet pippy it will. Without a situation, there is no outcome. othwersie, that's right, spellcheck.

Entities, the gods, of spiritual , material, all the sudden, no more . NO MORE they say, yeah right i say. They agree, and i go , I go fast, slow, maticulasuse, mallasus, sap. then blitzkriegh style of the bubblies, open up the beer, open up the champaigne, open up the lighter to light up the cig of the green, of the pebbles of the crystals, Fumes of the perfect temperatute. No words to describe the pixels the pixels, they come they stay, they don't go. oh, the circular, always spins. Kicked out, not welcomed, always come by on your own time. It's okay. Yeah right. Yeah right, i won't ever be back, no handle your own. Sorry, not too much, you've done enough.

New movie with the same history.

Old lyrics, new song, new future, based on the words of the old. the lines, the looks, the sleep. Wake up, wake them up, it's too late, too late for this verbinance. vibratin, sorry, sure.Who says sorry. No one. we'll move one, stay sorry, stay happy, stay between, the reading of the lines. Poetry.

Poet. Artist. Creation of the destoryer. If oblivion existed, we wouldn't. Oblivion is a fallacy. Period,

Pleasure to some has alwas been pain. Give them pleasure, give them more pleasure, they an't handle our pleasure. So much pleasure to the twinky winky dinky trinky blinky crinky linky bitlinky to the make the url short code. Lots of competition, to the self, of the the click click, cliack clack, eat a snake sausege, youm rough and course, give me a skunk meat taste. Apples are so patte' passe.

A career dude, not emough muscle to be a buddy man boy. No no take your time, theres lots of stars, one earth, the stars move, sure the earth is circular, look at the moon, and see four creascents, sometimes 27. 27 !!!!?????!!!??? that's some number question. sure is.

A new line of the circle, shows up, prove me i backspaced this entier article and rewrote it to make it sound intelligent. Prove me I'm right.

Don't worry about the after ever, make this one an example of what's possible. Let the ever after then decide after the ever. Poetry, such a poet. Budum dum.

The circle never shows up to anyone. Lucky. Thanks. It's a beautiful ring, quite abstract. I wish I could explain. We'll explain for you misour mr. dude. Thanks but I'm a man. heheheh, nice smile, mir dude man. Perfctly executed, now take my hand.

Wash with soap, and shampoo, and conditioner, and rinse twice, and use 9 paper towels, and then a blow dryer, and then spine  thrice, and spit on your hands, and then rinse. Oka now clean hands. Just joking, /jk .Too much hahah's? no, not enough, we can't breath, give us a second, to laugh it all out, ... we mean laugh it in. okay outside is like the colder inside, without ac until the outside is cold and the inside ahs a heater. then the outside is outside and the inside needs ac. A person of humans. Lots of them.

We don't even want to start divulging aobut the buppy dogs and citty kats. Thsoe city kats are alll like we to metropolitan, and the woofs woof are like I just bark at stuff I like and don't like. It's just a bark to us you bubby dog, the cats meow, both understood, because we know.

Now to type in the 275 dimeinos of dreams adkwl; uekjqpukl. too mcuh. mucho much. asedproiuaspdoriu , asfejqiasneiqopasvnio;slur, lku, lun, liu,lku,lku,.jkdljfioqennnrnennensklzludkrj....kjla.kdlajk.aklsjd. orchestra symphoany, to the ryhymtm just gave it away, the cumputer knows.

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Artwork, work work work WC3

#art #artwork marketing


# need to keep constant, and consistently constant with the market

There are a few art fairs coming up, have you seen the schedule? They are beautiful schedules and talks not televised. #Unique

Sometimes even before the weekends, artwork needs a break, although it never has a break. Art is art. And work is artwork. Even in fun, marry poppins supercalifrajalistickespialgoschious .

Artwork Authenticity

Classic artwork is signed by a signature.

Contemporary artwork is signed with a data stamp from a picture, posted online, sent through phone, any digital stamp.

A certificate of authenticity may also ease the mind of buyers, perhaps a print out of a screenshot of the data from a picture. Pictures now capture time, date, location, and any other info within the digital footprint.

For a contemporary art collector a first image taken of the artwork is almost, no IS MORE IMPORTANT, than the date and signature of the painting.

A signature on the actual image, in my personal opinion, defiles the work. Sorry, in the modern and classical, and post war, and Renaissance, and classical, and pre-historical eras a signature may have been necessary, 

More down the rabbit whole, rabbit hole (spell check please, okay),  if an art piece has the ability to be replicated by hand or by a printer, it's not original. some lines and brush strokes are just impossible to duplicate. Come very close, yes, Thats why so many prints are in museums and the real things are stored away, just joking, they are the real things. If us feelers can feel them, they are real, Now come in the feelers of art, yup, we exist. NOT SORRY. We can feel

The eye can see, we can feel authenticity, yum, hmmmmm. And we can also fake the authenticity if necessary.

Feel candy.

I get off track again, it's okay, not buddy boy, sorry, friend, that's better. Call me a buddy is acalling you a bitch, FUCK YOU GO TO HELL and fuck someonelse. Sorry, I get off track. 

Buy authentic artwork, buy prints, because even prints are authentic, buy limited edition, buy unlimited quantities, buy online (there are data tracks) buy in person the eyes can tell, the feelers can exist (to avante garude, the feelers can feel, too basic) whatever.

Now, what sites, what person, what venue, and gallery, what fair, where do we buy from. Cliche, let the heart lead you, not let me tell you. Buy my friends artwork, and my enemeis, but don't buy mine.

My artwork is all reproduced. Self promotion time, yaya :) :) :) :).

So, to summarize my intro. authenticity counts for nothing. Buy one fake piece of artwork, and is it worth more if there is one duplicate and one fake and one original? where did the fake come from? Earth, LOL, yeah earth.

Anywho, any how, summirize, I want to  write a story instead of a guide on how to buy stuff which is already bought, now how to resell a bought item, well thats the tricky part, how to part with it? Do we burn it, no, that's sad, unless a digital print exists, and your spiritual, I'd rather tear a piece up and throw in the dirt to decompose, yet a burn of artwork will take the carbons into the eather, other principials, then it wont be shared anymore. Originals were shared to a few, now how many artisits originals are gone forever?

how many artists originals are gone forever?


Art for Walls

A bare wall in a home is like a naked man or a fully dressed women, sunglasses to no heels. Not quite tasteful, not quite tasteful at all.

Stepping into a home and seeing a persons or familys first art choice makes a bold statement. Even if you don't ever have guests over. The first sight into a door should be a welcoming place, where you feel like yourself, express yourself to yourself. Or express yourself to others by expressing your tastes. #SHARE , we learned how to show and tell, then for whatever reason that practice finished. Sure we show and tell some times, mostly to our close acquaintances, every now and then open up to new people. Let art handle the first level of expression

Now for an office, law firm, advertising agency, construction work site, engineering office, architect firm, landscape, why not let the employees show of their tastes? If they want to... NO make it manditory (just joking, hehehe). Any who many people need constant stimulation to be productive, and still life imagination stimulation is the best. No windows? no problem, blamo put up a jackson pollock, take that window. Or better yet an eichelberg or ken wonders, or an expressionism piece, or a baroque, don't know artists names? No worries, just search, lots of products out there. 

Many local cafe's choose artwork all around, ask them.

Purchase on amazon, ebay, artsy, saatchi etc.

The best is having a personal collection, 

Sure augmented reality will most likely replace the idea of owning an original piece (or probably just make them more valuable, how valuable? exponentitially, there are articles out there read them, i may talk about investment in art sooner or later).

Home, work, office, car, we all like to express. 

Artists like to create, don't take advantage of this fact too much. Because there was a time when we stopped creating and just destroyed, And we didn't like it, necessary, for sure, the unwritten history of the ages.

I haven't started to talk about how the AI is now addicted to certain works of art. Off tangent.

Decorate your wall space, rotate the pieces, or find the perfect spot for them. It's art, and you bought it, and it's yours.

Artful boardgame, carcassonne, for the paranoid

Carcassonne, trust me on this one. It's got enough randomness factor, strategy, and tactics.

Can people read your mind? Probably not, but why chance it.

Now, you all may be asking yourselves, your sweet sweet hot selves, what do boardgames have to do with art... well everything. That's more of a philisophical statement as all is art, especially favorites. Favorites are so artful, but I'm getting off track a bit. That always happens, psych!

Okay so the rules are simple enough to teach and learn, there are videos, watch them.

Uhm, yeah. I just really like this game. Other games I like are settlers and twilight struggle. Those can be cheated though.


Beauty of art, an article on contemplation

When is enough too much? or when to stop with the line work? How much information do we need? More? Less? Always more is the answer maybe? is the question so important or the answer less so valuable? Who is asking? or is it Whom? for the grammer nazi perhaps? or the other socialists perhaps there's a chance for them to recollect? Is there a place for us whom have no answers? Only more questions?

Question 1? what happens with the answers after Question 3 gets asked?

Maybe you can answer me now? But but but do you want to answer me with a lie or a truth? or what is this place to be a part of ?

Is beauty in only one eye of the beholder? Or how much are all these questions worth in monetary value? Whom shall answer me thus? I have all the answers? but no questions? Obviously that could be the truth?

Film over Digital - A better opinion of preferances

Film is better than digital.

1. 24 frames per second allows the imagination to work and fill in the gaps since our eyes view in 60 fps.

2. Film captures images on a physical medium which allows other esoteric factors to play into this dimension.

3. More hands touch film and thus transferring any of their energy onto the physical product.

Now, why digital may be more better for some:

1. They don't want to imagine
2. Saves material (this may be questionable since new digital products still require manufacturing)
3. Silky smooth, with no grains
4. Editing and transferring is simpler

Live action this is possible for, however 3d animation shall always (unless a new invention is made, dun dun dun) be digital.

Just my opinion. I can expand on this tremendously. Like colors, lights, shadows, screen capture, sound, atmosphere, well, everything, but the above are my top points for now.


Fauvism - Bold colors for a bold wolrd

A few colors layered on the for front, back front, and every front imaginable. Blotches of large sections to smaller dashes and strokes of the wrist exaggerated with impression to the viewer an emotion only imaginable by the artist.  Portraits, landscapes, scenes, in detail and obstruction thereof exist. Sometimes there's a primary, secondary, or tertiary colour which stands out and many others there is equal vibrancy in equality. Search #fauvism .

Adds a nice juxtaposition to realism and expressionism in combination of both as well. 

One rule does apply to fauvism. BOLD COLORS, pastels need not apply to the for front, perhaps to accentuate the brightness, even then, pastels are added with permission.

My favorite fauvism types or scenes, in this order, are Landscape, Cityscape, Portrait, and then slice of life, and then person of interest.

Next up, collaboration on definitions.

Baroque Art - A style of controlled chaos

Scenes on the canvas or paper or surface come out to life with vibrant movement and motion while still being a still image. Very few art styles encompass this expression of life in time exaggerated in such confined spaces. Details and obstructions are plenty to feast your eyes upon, sure there are many redundant baroque scenes and after seeing a few one becomes almost bored, until they find that one section that reflects a portion of either their life or one they have witnessed in their time from another. This is what I call a style of controlled chaos from a distance.... now to have controlled chaos in a portrait, well that's something completely detailed in another way (sorry, not sorry, self plug for my own artwork hehehhehe).

Plenty of the info is available on the wikipedia page:

Here are some details to get you going:

-there's lots of stuff going on
-Slice of life

  Within the Baroque scene there are varied pieces, I prefer the ones in a wide shot that shows many parts of a terrain, multiple events, and varied influences by the subjects of the artwork.

My life is funny like this, after looking at a few baroque paintings, I'm already bored of it, I'm sure I'll come back to it. My new favorite is Fauvism, oooooooh the colors and solid strokes, so pure, sorry baroque, my emotions move with the audience.

An expose on the current contemporary art scene

All art is beautiful to some. Oh look at the pretty flowers, the colors, that one looks ugly. Although, to the educated it's just horribly ugly. How horrible and how ugly that last piece of artwork I saw.


But the style, the technique, the time, the feeling, the thought provoking conversations we'll have because we were exposed, how indecent. There are the critics, they must be the guides, they are the gate keepers, still, and always. The curators, more so, but what bout the galleries and dealers? Or the theives, maybe those whom stole our artwork know the true value. Keep it. It's worth more than you'll ever know. Congratulaions to that one thief, only I'll know what piece you stole. The rest will be bought.

Okay okay, modern art. It's soooooo contemporary.

By which artist? oh you haven't heard of them, this is for those.

I don't know anymore.

Let me do some research.

Google top artists? Look at the street art? Who prices these pieces. Your mother? Your father? Your Sibling? Your Friends? Strangers? No one? Maybe a thief. I'm still broke throughly though.

What about copyrights and trademarks, we learned to share though. How come?

Okay okay okay, off track here.

Modern Contemporary.

The new avante garde movement is televised and heard on the radio... wait maybe that was the internet?

Okay Okay okay. We're getting carried away. Popsurrealism, just a derivative of surrealism, how about macabre? just a joke on the drama. How about lowbrow? you mean slef thought? No I mean those that thought us through experience. Is the best teacher? No, it's the worst, because my experience is so worth it?

Okay my favorite art style: Disney.

There you have it.... no not pixar, bambi disney. Also spirited away. Because who's the bad girl? and the good guy? It's nebulous.

But anime and motion too. And live action , and food. No we are talking about sill art, tha'ts animation.

Stillnes in a world in motion, is something for the imagination to move.

24fps is better than because we then imagine.

Choose your style in art, original art, of any kind is 1/1. Imagine that, owning a 1/1 edition, no one else has that...

Maybe the new contemporary is 1/1.

Contemporary is 1/1.



then we play with rest because contemporary is exposure from all.

My opinion, prove me wrong with numbers and data.

Indescent obscenties

If the law tells us anything, we are obscene and so indecent. Based on the jurors, we are guilty in their eyes. Oh please oh please prove me innocent, because my worth is worth ... 

Expose the eyes, expose the skin, expose yourself, tell the truth, how indecent. To disturb in a time when interesting notes are being jotted down. 

But, we must follow precedence, and represent yourself. Don't trust anyone else, we are all out to lie to you. Trust in the law. the law of the land. Because look, a new law.

This is not art. This is a poem. New age freedom. Lie Lie Lie, but make sure to always tell the truth because otherwise people won't trust you, and if they don't trust you, then what? I won't tell.

You want my point of view? Okay, it's mediocre, so placid, ask the last female I was with, she spit on it, oh the look the last two gave us. Not mention the first, so disgusting.

The next will always pretty much never though be as good as the last will be the best.  Who's the best again? Not me.

I produce.